An Improved Standard of Care for the Treatment of Ear

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The EToscope

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The EToscope is an innovative medical device that enables a breakthrough in-office procedure to establish a new standard of care for the treatment of the 25 million annual middle ear infections in the U.S. It provides instant pain relief, accelerates recovery, and eliminates the use of systemic antibiotics in a $7B US and $70B worldwide market.


The EToscope is currently in development and is not commercially available.

Instant Pain Relief without Systemic Antibiotics

The EToscope provides instant relief for extremely painful ear infections which are due to fluid accumulation and pressure in the middle ear, which also severely reduces the child’s ability to hear. Over time, this diminished hearing can impair both speech and cognitive development.

The EToscope™ is an otoscope-like device that allows physicians and nurses to:
  • diagnose ear infections more accurately;
  • drain fluid safely from the middle ear, rapidly reducing pain and bacterial load;
  • deliver medication directly to the middle ear, thereby avoiding systemic antibiotics.

This minimaly invasive procedure provides safe in-office access to the middle ear via the tympanic membrane.

Device & Procedure

The EToscope is a proprietary otoscope-like device with the potential to provide an improved standard of care in terms of both improved diagnosis and treatment of ear infections. It is designed to fit snugly into the outer ear canal and thereby safely moves in unison with the child. It is also designed to be self-limiting in terms of depth of penetration (<0.5mm), thereby safely avoiding contact with the structures of the middle ear. The procedure takes only seconds to perform in the doctor's office and provides rapid pain relief and accelerates recovery from symptoms as well as eliminates the use of systemic antibiotics.

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The Solution

The EToscope provides a very simple technical solution that enables physicians to perform safe tympanocentesis procedures in-office. Manual tympanocentesis has been practiced successfully since 1768 with 245 years of demonstrated efficacy with instant pain relief and accelerated recovery from symptoms. EntraTympanic's procedure can be repeated 12-15 times without serious injury to the tympanic membrane and eliminates the need for systemic antibiotics.

The EToscope is currently in development and is not commercially available.


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