An Improved Standard of Care for the Treatment of Ear

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Entratympanic's Value Proposition

EntraTympanic is a Boston-area medical device startup with a mature team of serial entrepreneurs and managers from MIT, Harvard and Children’s Hospital Boston.  EntraTympanic is developing a new device and in-office procedure for the treatment of pediatric through adult middle ear infections.

The unmet need is the lack of an alternative to the current practice of a 2-3 day watchful waiting period which leaves the child in severe pain, as well as the escalating drug resistance of bacterial otopathogens resulting from the past and continuing over use of systemic antibiotics.


On February 25th, 2013 the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended new guidelines thats focus is on better diagnosis, watchful waiting and decreased use of systemic antibiotics. These new guidelines received very broad media attention such as the NBC News segment at NBC News.

EntraTympanic’s device provides instant pain relief and eliminates the use of systemic antibiotics by draining the fluid from, and delivering medication to, the middle ear. With 25M annual US episodes, this represents a multi-billion dollar US market opportunity to create a new standard of care. Our proprietary EToscope is a Class II device and qualifies for US FDA 510(k) approval.

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