An Improved Standard of Care for the Treatment of Ear

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Management team


Dr. George "Buzz" Kenney, ScD 

George Kenney has 30 years of experience in building technology development teams in advanced materials and devices both at MIT and in various startups.  At MIT, he was the Associate Director of the Materials Processing Center from 1979-2008 and the Microphotonics Center from 1998-2008.  He was also the Director of MIT’s Materials Processing Center Industry Collegium from 1982-2008.

He specializes in the creation of vertically integrated multidisciplinary technology and management teams to enhance performance, develop innovative new solutions, or address unmet needs in technologies from electronics and microphotonics to medical devices.

He is a serial entrepreneur and has been involved in startups for over 30 years.  He received his education at MIT, earning a Bachelors in '74, Masters in '75, and Doctor of Science in '78.

Dr. Christian Phfeffer, MD-PhD
Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Phfeffer is an accomplished physician in pediatric oncology and cardiac surgery, as well as a scientist.  He received his medical training at the University Medical School of Wuerzburg in '98 and Hanover in '05 in Germany, and earned his PhD at Harvard University in '08 in nanotechnology.  In parallell, Dr. Phfeffer served in the German Air Force's Special Forces from '92-'11.  He co-established the first gender and caste neutral medical school (KUMS) in Banepa, Nepal with the support of McGill University, Harvard University, MIT and the government of Nepal.  He has awards from the Institute for Foreign Affairs, the Robert Bosch Foundation, and the Marshall foundation for advancing US-German relations.  His current focus is on the development of innovative devices and technologies to deal with unmet medical needs.

He is a serial entrepreneur and co-founded Claros Diagnostics which was acquired by OPKO Health in 2011 for up to $49M.

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